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Spiritual Friends Healing Network Community


Daily inspiration and guidance, several professionals available and support for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Livid - Open Share Art Show........ Art Lovers Welcome


Amazing independent artists including world renowned surrealistic artist Cristiano "Red" Tweny. 

Spiritual Guidance Resource Group

A complete line of services, inspirations and quality honest professionals to help you with your spiritual and living needs.  The resources are either free or reasonably priced and all members are screened and accountable.

Spiritual Clowns (because being spiritual does not mean lame)

Jim Carrey Awakened


Being spiritual doesn't mean we lose our sense of humor.  We share a variety of original posts, including bad language and occasional naughty bits.  All bad language and sarcasm is strictly for entertainment purposes.

Empaths, Starseeds, Lightworkers... All Welcome

Many people believe there is a mass spiritual awakening across the planet, for many of us, it all began here in a group created by British singer/songwriter, Stephan Paul Remmington

Spiritual Healers Academy - A Safe Place of Learning